– Epilogue Season 2 Episode 1 – 2.29.16

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Join us for our second season of Epilogue as we up the sass with our new host, Vivian Mora. This week: what’s new with J.K Rowling (again), the “wood wide web,” and Emma Watson’s feminist book club. P.S. Never stop, J.K. Rowling! We’re just playing about all that comeback stuff. #Potterheads4Life. Find Thanks For The […]

#MenReadRomance . . . on their Kindles?

In this special romance edition of Judge A Book By Its Cover, we discover what some men are secretly reading on their Kindles. Discover The Billionaire Bachelor series and other novels by Melody Anne at or Powell's Books.

Judge A Book By Its Cover – Romance Edition

Things get heated in this special romance edition of #JudgeItByTheCover, as participants must guess what a book is about based on the cover. Discover The Billionaire Bachelor series and other novels by Melody Anne at or Powell's Books.

Author Q&A: Bob Kessler on Transformational Resilience

Author Bob Doppelt discusses his new book, Transformational Resilience: How Building Human Resilience to Climate Disruption Can Safeguard Society and Increase Wellbeing. The book uses neuroscience-based mental health and mindfulness research to help readers adopt positive and principled behaviors in order to cope…

5 Literary Animal Companions Who Rocked Our World

What's a protagonist without an animal sidekick? Deprived, that's what! Below are five fave animal companions who captured our hears. See if you agree. 5. Toto – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum The famous movie starring Judy Garland was…

6 Books For Adults-In-Training (Hello, Graduates!)

Hey, you! Yeah, you. You’re graduating, congratulations. Well, shucks, you say. What now? Welcome to the bright and confusing adult horizon of your post-grad life. Technically you never have to read another book again, but as the fabulous late great Oscar Wilde once…

Review – God’s Bits of Wood

Set in Western Africa during the years of 1947-48, Sembene Ousmane's God's Bits of Wood follows a group of Dakar-Niger railway workers as they go on strike after years of exploitations by ‘the company.’ Because this region is still under French rule, the French…

Review: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

The great Neil Gaiman. Comic-book enthusiasts know him for his popular series, Sandman. Others know him for his strangely childish and chilling story, Coraline. Gaiman has an extraordinary talent for writing original and memorable stories. His stories aren’t scary so much as they…

Top 5 Books to Read in Honor of Mother’s Day

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’ve comprised a list of some of the best books for mothers and daughters to read together. These books exemplify the complexity of mother-daughter relationships and create room for reflection. Some of these are tough reads, but who…

Review: The Martian

I burst out in tears multiple times whilst navigating this minefield of hilarity, science and emotional seesaws. Mark Watney is trapped on Mars, accidentally abandoned by his crew. Now he must survive until NASA figures out a way to get him back to Earth. Watney’s…

Men read romance . . . or at least try

In this episode of Reading Romance, host Jeff Steinberger asks guys to give a dramatic reading of a New York Times bestselling romance novel. For some, it's a struggle. Discover New York Time's bestselling author Melody Anne's "Billionaire Bachelor" series--as well as other novels--at and…

Review – God’s Bits of Wood

4 Overall rating
Feels 4.5
Love 3.5
Strong-willed characters 5

Review: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

4 Overall rating
Originality 5
Mysticism 5
Clarity 4

Review: The Martian

5 Overall rating
Understandable Science 4.5
Space Sarcasm 4.8
Matt Damonness 5

Review: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

5 Overall rating
Humor 5
Mind Trippin' 5
Illustrations 5

Review: Rant

5 Overall rating
Wait, WHAT? 5
Compelling 5
Humor 4
Palahniuk 5

Review: Missoula, Rape and the Justice System...

4 Overall rating
Riveting 4
Just-the-facts 3
Emotional Rollercoaster 5

Review: Giovanni’s Room

4 Overall rating
Scandalous Occurrences 3
Love Triangles 4.5
Setting (Paris!) 5

Review: Cress (The Lunar Chronicles)

5 Overall rating
Rugged, Blind Captains 4
Torturous Cliff Hangers 5
Adorable Hacker Blondes 5
Girl Power 5ever 5

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