Review: Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles)

Overall rating
Return of Kick-Ass Cyborg
You Can't Fix Mr.Broken
Mixed Feelings
Strong Female Characters

CONCLUSION An ace-pilot and passionate farmer who knows how to use a shotgun rescues wolf-man from himself...sort of.

In Scarlet, the second installment of Marissa Meyer’s best-selling Lunar Chronicles series, readers meet Scarlet Benoit. Scarlet is the sharp-tongued delivery girl for her grandmother’s farm in rural France.  But when her grandmother goes missing, she finds herself in a chaotic and dangerous new world of underground gangs and Lunar societies. With the return of beloved characters from CinderMeyer misses no chance to expand the world within the novels while simultaneously developing further depth and conflict within Cinder, Scarlet and others. Unfortunately, the burgeoning romance between Scarlet and a mysterious rough-and-tumble love interest presents some seriously problematic initial relationship behaviors which, if you’re like me, may put you off the rest of the book. But a climatic battle in dystopian Paris makes the slog through the romantic chapters worth it. Promise!

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