Review: Giovanni’s Room

Overall rating
Scandalous Occurrences
Love Triangles
Setting (Paris!)

CONCLUSION Good book with a crappy narrator but if you like gay love affairs it's a must read!

Written in the 1950s, James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room was very ahead of its time. It’s set in Paris during the 1950s. An American, named David, is living in Paris. He is about to get married to a lovely lady named Hella, but she leaves to travel in Spain to think about his proposal. While she is gone, David meets a man named Giovanni and they begin a scandalous love affair whilst living together.

For such a great book, I have never disliked a protagonist as much as I dislike David. Throughout the novel, he is afraid of being with Giovanni because he does not want to be perceived as feminine. He does not want the woman role in their relationship. David kind of sucks as a person. Despite that, the novel is fantastic. A novel about a gay love affair set in Paris? Sign me up!

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