5 Literary Animal Companions Who Rocked Our World

What’s a protagonist without an animal sidekick? Deprived, that’s what! Below are five fave animal companions who captured our hears. See if you agree.

5. Toto – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

The famous movie starring Judy Garland was also a children’s book series, featuring one of the most loveable dogs in literature: Toto, Dorothy’s terrier. Like the other animals in Oz, Toto was able to talk; yet, he chose not to, which kind of makes Toto a jerk because the other animals were talking up a storm. Seems like Toto was giving Dorothy the silent treatment.

Toto was much more active in the books than he was in the movie adaptation. He was even the protagonist in two of the books in the series. In fact, he dug up an ivory scepter that, in a typical dog move, he thought as a bone, and was proclaimed First Magistrate of Oz for nine years. He also almost married a human (which no one blinks an eye at even though, hello, bestiality) but ran away and met a Scottish Terrier in a much more suitable match.

4. Wilbur – Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

Wilbur was a bit of a whiner, but he was loyal to his friend, the spider Charlotte. When Charlotte died (which incidentally marked the only time I was ever upset by the death of a spider), Wilbur carried her egg sac back to the farm. He guarded the egg sac until the spiders were born. Despite being a total crybaby, Wilbur really was “some pig.”

3. Fat Louie – The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

Fat Louie was a fat cat that liked to hide shiny objects behind the toilet. He belonged to the books’ protagonist, Mia. Fat Louie doesn’t do very much; certainly much less than most of the other pets on here, so he ranks third on my list. Why third as opposed to fifth? Because I like cats, and I like Fat Louie. He laid around without a care in the world, which is totally what I want to be doing most times of the day. Imagine having the responsibilities (or lack thereof) of a cat. Plus his name is fantastic. I just might name my future cat after him. How ironic would it be if my cat doesn’t turn out to be fat.

2. Ghost – A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin

Yes, I’m aware that Ghost is a direwolf, and therefore not a very good pet. But Ghost is also very dog-like despite being a giant wild wolf. And I mean, giant. Imagine a wolf. Now imagine a wolf twice that size. I half-expect Jon Snow to mount him one day and ride him into battle. He rarely leaves Snow’s side, and because of that, is very loyal, making him a worthy animal companion. He even kills people when they threaten Snow’s safety. Ghost played a part in the battle against the wildlings when they attempted to conquer Castle Black, brutally and epically killing tons of wildlings. He is the lone white wolf born in the litter of direwolves. This makes him silent and a bit of an outcast, but a beautiful one. Ghost is never far away and can always be relied on for protection. I wish Ghost was my pet; no one would dare mess with me.

1. Hedwig – The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

Even though Hedwig is not technically a pet, she tops my list. She was smart, always somehow knowing where to carry the letters Harry gave her, despite the fact that Harry rarely provided an address. This is a plot hole that I don’t understand, but whatevs, J.K. Rowling. And even though she can’t talk, Hedwig’s sassy personality came through from the way she ruffled her feathers with annoyance. Hedwig flewg in front of Harry to save his life, resulting in what was possibly the most tragic death of the entire Harry Potter series. R.I.P. Hedwig. You will be missed.

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