#StaffReads: Valentine’s Day Edition

Nothing says “you’re my Valentine” like cheap chocolate and a pre-written card. But seriously: why not give your paramour a book to enjoy instead? Reading has been found to lower stress, increase empathy (in the case of fiction readers), and reduce the risk of dementia. Readers are also more likely to be employed, work more weeks per year, and earn higher wages. (Maybe write this stuff down in your card.) That’s more than chocolate can claim–and a lot of chocolate on the market doesn’t even contain actual cocoa.

But, you ask, what book should I give my significant other/one and only/casual hookup/platonic friend/Starbucks barista/mirror self from a parallel universe? To get you started, we asked our staff to share the books that made them swoon. Just . . .  try not to get any chocolate on the pages.

“My favorite romance book is Beautiful Ruins. I only read it because an old lady at Costco suggested it to me. I was surprised by the dynamic characters and amazing storyline. The story reminds us to love tenderly and that, no matter what hardships we face, there are always beautiful people around to love and support us.” – Amy Brenneman, Managing Editor


“The most romantic book that I have read is A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. The main couple encourages the other to reach the height of their potential, which strengthens their individual identities as well as their relationship.” – Taylor Kissinger, Editor-In-Chief 

“The most romantic book I have read recently is called The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. The book is about baseball and the life of a collegiate student athlete, with underlying plots of love and friendship between multiple characters.” – Hailey Pratt, Contributor

“D-503 and I-330 in We by Yevgeny Zamyatin. Set in a dystopian society 2000 years in the future in which technology and math replace the notions of love and free thought, We shows us how love is an innate human characteristic no matter the multiple degree of its subjugation by One State. I-330, through her elegance and uninhibited spirit, shows D-503 the tyranny of One State and helps him discover his humanity. “Greg Kelly, Contributor

“Romance died for me the day I learned Jeff Goldblum wasn’t going to be in the third Jurassic Park movie. I’m still trying to figure out how those two are related, but regardless, my interest in romance as a genre is slim these days. I would say the  ‘romance’ I’m enjoying now is the unrequited, semi-hostile relationship between Control and Ghost Bird in Jeff Vandermeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy. It’s not particularly amorous, but it is interesting.” – Maya Lazaro, Staff Advisor

“My favorite romance book is definitely The Princess Bride by William Goldman. I love it so much because it embodies that storybook perfect romance, using all of that classic, beautiful descriptive language, yet it never takes itself too seriously. All of the characters are really fun and the relationship between Buttercup and Westley is so romantic.” – Ariana Sinclair, Contributor

“The most romantic book series I have read would have to be Outlander because it’s a love story that defies time and space.” – Brittany Norton, Contributor

“The most romantic book I’ve ever read has to be Cien Sonetos de Amor by Pablo Neruda. The book is a compilation of 100 of Neruda’s love poems. It’s so enchanting and beautiful–a highly recommended read by myself.” – Tanner Nielson, Events & Outreach Coordinator

Featured image by Pia Kristine via Flickr.
Reading constantly. #GoDucks

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