Book Babes: Jay Gatsby

Every book nerd has at least one literary crush. Often a book’s protagonist or deuteragonist, these characters win you over with their wit, charm, triumphs, struggles, and yes, flaws. Book Babes is our homage to those crushes we all know and love, as well as the obscure or underrated but equally swoonable characters from our favorite books. While some of tour picks are certainly sexy (hey, we’re only human), that’s not a pre-requisite; this series is for the dynamic characters who command our attention and give readers a reason to turn the page.

This brings us to our first Book Babe!

It might come as no surprise that we chose Mr. Jay Gatsby as our inaugural babe. Almost all bibliophiles have read The Great Gatsby at some point in their lives; many of you have probably written reports about it. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s characters leave lasting impressions, but none more so than Gatsby himself.

Not only is he charming and a true romantic (not to mention rich), but nearly everything he’s done has been for Daisy.

Your heart breaks for this character, who seems to have it all but the one thing he desires most: his true love.

Although the way he earned his fortune is questionable at best, Gatsby oozes charisma that makes him perfectly crushable.

We salute you Mr. Gatsby! The title got it right; you truly are great.

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