Book Babes: Mark Watney

Book Babes is our homage to those fictional crushes we all know and love, as well as the obscure or underrated but equally swoonable characters from our favorite books. While some of tour picks are certainly sexy (hey, we’re only human), that’s not a pre-requisite; this series is for the dynamic characters who command our attention and give readers a reason to turn the page.

This week’s Book Babe is the total package: brave, intelligent, funny, and handsome to boot!

Mark Watney, the man left alone to survive on Mars in Andy Weir’s The Martian, is an extraordinary example of the power of a positive outlook.

Not only is he an incredibly smart astronaut and botanist . . .



. . . but his ability to maintain humor in his darkest moments is what makes him so memorable.

Mark is ray of sunshine everywhere he goes on the uncharted planet. He faces his obstacles head on, with a determined and resourceful attitude.


Despite the lack of high-octane action (though there were plenty of scenes that left me on the edge of my seat), Mark is a hero. (But just to be clear, anyone who can successfully grow a potato garden on Mars is a hero in my book.)

Mark Watney, we’re so happy to you made it home!

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