Book Spots – Smith Family Bookstore, Campus Location

Welcome to Book Spots, the complete personal guide to Eugene’s local booksellers!

Smith Family Bookstore is the closest new and used independent bookstore to UO campus. It is located at 768 E. 13th Ave., or a five minute walk from campus at the intersection of Kincaid and 13th. Smith Family has an incredibly wide selection of new and used books, including textbooks.

Smith Family’s atmosphere can be described in one word: overwhelming. From the moment you step into the store, you are surrounded by shelves of books. It’s really a beautiful thing. The store has upstairs and downstairs levels, both stacked from floor to ceiling with new and used books. There aren’t too many chairs to sit and read in, but Smith Family is a book-browser’s dream.

The Books!
Smith Family carries almost any type of book, with especially expansive collections of science fiction and world history. Price varies here, depending on the condition of the book. All new books are discounted 10% and used books are generally anywhere from $3-12.

Special Features
One of the handiest departments at Smith Family is its textbook collection. It is very likely that you’ll find a version of your textbook here for an affordable price. If you can’t find your textbook there, I can guarantee you’ll find all of the novels, poetry anthologies, and memoirs you need for your literature classes.


Final Takeaway
For an enormous selection of new and used books ranging from cookbooks to new novels to textbooks, Smith Family will likely have what you are looking for at an affordable price close to the UO campus!

Smith Family Bookstore is open Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm. The store is closed on Sundays.

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