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Tsunami Books is located at 26th and Willamette Street in South Eugene, about a 20 minute bus ride from the heart of the University of Oregon campus. Tsunami is a quaint, cozy bookstore that has been at this location in Eugene for over 20 years. My favorite thing about Tsunami Books is the friendly and informative staff; bookworms who have read everything and are happy to give recommendations.

Tsunami’s Atmosphere
Tsunami feels like a welcoming old home full of nooks and crannies for reading. There are chairs in almost every aisle of the store, which gives Tsunami a very homey atmosphere. While the spot is a little further from campus, its quiet and relaxed environment makes up for the additional travel time to get there. I love the posters and artwork on the walls as well— they really give the store an eclectic and interesting ambiance.

The Books!
Tsunami sells new and used paperback and hardback books ranging in price depending on the age and style of the book. The store is organized into clear sections and also features large display tables with suggestions and new books. The typical price you should expect to pay here is anywhere from $8-20, although it also has a collection of rare books that are very expensive. The employees also emphasize that they are happy to order any book for pick-up, so just because they don’t have every book under the sun doesn’t mean they won’t provide it for you!

Special Features
Tsunami hosts community events such as poetry slams, author events, and art openings. Other than their wide selection of new and used books, Tsunami has a collection of records, local art, and audio books.

Final Takeaway
If you are looking for a uniquely Eugene bookseller complete with a wide selection of new and used books at affordable prices, as well as records, artisan gifts and artwork, then head to Tsunami!

Tsunami is open Monday-Saturday from 10am-7pm and on Sunday from 10am-5pm.



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