Review: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

The great Neil Gaiman. Comic-book enthusiasts know him for his popular series, Sandman. Others know him for his strangely childish and chilling story, Coraline. Gaiman has an extraordinary talent for writing original and memorable stories. His stories aren’t scary so much as they…

5 Books to Read For Mother’s Day

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’ve comprised a list of some of the best books for mothers and daughters to read together. These books exemplify the complexity of mother-daughter relationships and create room for reflection. Some of these are tough reads, but who…

Men read romance . . . or at least try

In this episode of Reading Romance, host Jeff Steinberger asks guys to give a dramatic reading of a New York Times bestselling romance novel. For some, it's a struggle. Discover New York Time's bestselling author Melody Anne's "Billionaire Bachelor" series--as well as other novels--at and…

We asked students to read romance and guess: #DoTheyKiss? host Colleen Cass asks University of Oregon students to read a steamy passage from a New York Times best-selling romance series . . . and guess whether the protagonists share a smooch. Discover New York Time's bestselling author Melody Anne's "Surrender" series--as…

Review: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

In a somewhat true story, in which the events may or may not have occurred, a journalist, Raoul Duke, and his lawyer, Dr. Gonzo, take a trip to Las Vegas to find the American Dream. Originally sent to cover the Mint 400, a…

Review: Rant

Everyone knows the first rule of Fight Club. Unfortunately, the same rule seems to have been adopted toward the slew of other works by Fight Club author, Chuck Palahniuk (Paul-an-ick). Even Palahniuk himself, the author of over fifteen novels, takes a delightfully sarcastic…

Author Q&A: Leonard Mlodinow on Star Trek: TNG

Aside from writing with world-renowned scientists and publishing books on physics and human evolution, Leonard Mlodinow also worked with Gene Roddenberry on the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sooooooo jealous!

BookSmarts: The Giving Tree by Shell Silverstein

We asked University of Oregon freshman Dominique Reed about his favorite children's book, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. (more…)

Author Q&A: Lisa Genova on researching Inside The O’Briens

Author and neuroscientist Lisa Genova tells about what goes into researching a book like Inside the O'Briens.

Epilogue Episode 4 – 8.21.15

Host Dana Bredeweg talks new Tolkien novels, Gosling-less Notebook spin-offs, Project Putin, and more in this episode of Epilogue.

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