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Welcome to Book Spots, your complete personal guide to Eugene’s local booksellers! Tsunami Books is located at 26th and Willamette Street in South Eugene, about a 20 minute bus ride from the heart of the University of Oregon campus. Tsunami is a quaint, cozy bookstore that has been at this location in Eugene for over 20 […]

Author Q&A: Tip Of A Bone by Christine Finlayson

Author Christine Finlayson tells a story of mystery and murder in the Pacific Northwest in her book Tip of a Bone.

BookSmarts: Fables at any age

Digital Artist Brynn Konkle tells us about what's on her nightstand--Aesop's Fables! Watch Brynn tell you why she loves these classic stories.

Review: Yes Please

From the Back Cover:  In a perfect world . . . We'd get to hang out with Amy Poehler, watching dumb movies, listening to music, and swapping tales about our coworkers and difficult childhoods. Because in a perfect world, we'd all be friends… launches new web channel for book lovers

Readers assemble! Created by a team of journalism students at the University of Oregon in partnership with Powell’s Books, the world’s largest independent bookstore, provides compelling content for anyone who has ever loved a good story. We celebrate books, authors, readers, and listeners too.…

See highlights from our launch events

Emerald Media Group came out to help celebrate our launch on Monday, April 6th. We were proud to partner with the Duck Store, a big supporter of local authors, for this event. Fun activities of the day included a photobooth and a Harry Potter-themed raffle. Two lucky winners…

Kids Corner: The Girl Who Read

Carson tells Booklandia why Harry Potter is a great--nay the greatest--series of books ever written. J.K. Rowling’s best-selling series transcends age, and Carson shows how relatable these characters are, even years after they were first created. Are you a Hermione or a Luna?…

BookSmarts: Chew on this

Who knew the digestive system could be so funny? Portland reader Laurie Epstein-Terris explains her recent Powell’s purchase: Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal by best-selling non-fiction author Mary Roach.

Author Q&A: I Was Here by Gayle Forman

From best selling author Gayle Forman comes a story of death, youth, grieving, and resilience. To delve into a mystery surrounding the death of a teenage girl and the clues left behind, you can find I Was Here at any Powell's location or online.  

BookSmarts: War of the (ghost) worlds

University of Oregon student Monica Nunan has developed a broad spectrum of literary knowledge. She tells us about her favorite books, spanning from historical fiction such as When the Emperor Was Divine by Julie Otsuka to teen angst in graphic novel form, Ghost World…

BookSmarts: What does a non-reader read?

University of Oregon student Tom Hernandez reveals his tumultuous past with assigned reading and the novel that has stuck with him.   

REVIEW: The New York Nobody Knows

3 Overall rating
Prose 2
Compellingness 4
Narration 2

Review: Between The World And Me

5 Overall rating
Timeliness 5
Compelling 5
Humbling Reading Experience 5

Review: Bittersweet

4 Overall rating
Hunger-Provoking 4
Reflectiveness 5
Self-Motivating 3
Wit 4

Review: Boy, Snow, Bird

3 Overall rating
Developed Female Leads 5
Cohesiveness 2
Quote-Worthy 4

Review – God’s Bits of Wood

4 Overall rating
Feels 4.5
Love 3.5
Strong-willed characters 5

Review: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

4 Overall rating
Originality 5
Mysticism 5
Clarity 4

Review: The Martian

5 Overall rating
Understandable Science 4.5
Space Sarcasm 4.8
Matt Damonness 5

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