Release forms are proof that your subjects have given you permission to film them or use their materials (photos, videos, audio clips, documents, etc.) in your video. At we use two types of release forms: a standard release form, and a materials release form. Read more to find out which you’ll need for your project.

Standard Release Form [Download]

Use this form if you’re conducting an interview. If your subject is over the age of 18, they can sign the form themselves. If they’re under 18, you must obtain a signature from their parent or legal guardian. For your video submission to be considered, you must produce a signed release form from every person you interview.

Materials Release Form [Download]

Use this form in addition to our Standard Release Form if you plan to use materials in your video that are owned by your subject. Examples of such materials could include photos, footage or videos, audio files, gifs, graphics, and animations. Your subject must have created or generated the materials themselves or otherwise possess legal ownership over the materials. If you are using materials that are owned and controlled by more than one person, you must obtain a signed release form from each co-owner.

I’ve obtained the signatures I need. Now what?

Great! When you submit your video you will be asked to upload images of your release forms so we have proof you’ve obtained permission from the appropriate parties. You can either: 1) Scan your signed release form onto a computer and save it as a pdf or image file, or 2) Take a photo of  your signed release form. If your subject’s printed name, date line, or signature is cropped out, blurry, or otherwise obstructed in your photo, your release form will not be accepted. Tip: You can also take a photo with any standard phone camera, assuming the picture is in focus and legible. If you have a smartphone, you can also use an app like CamScanner to digitally scan your release form.

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