The 10 Best & Worst Film Adaptations of Popular Books

Hearing your favorite book is about to become a movie can be one of the best and worst feelings. If it’s a box office hit, great; another way to enjoy a favorite story. But if it tanks . . . ouch. The frustration can…

5 Literary Animal Companions Who Rocked Our World

What's a protagonist without an animal sidekick? Deprived, that's what! Below are five fave animal companions who captured our hears. See if you agree. 5. Toto – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum The famous movie starring Judy Garland was…

BookSmarts: Under The Banner Of Heaven

University of Oregon journalism student Jessi Gunn tells us about growing up with J.K. Rowling and how Under the Banner of Heaven surprised her.   Get more BookSmarts!

Kids Corner: The best Harry Potter characters

In an extra special extra episode of Kids Corner, Rose and Lizzy give us their favorite Harry Potter characters.

Kids Corner: The Girl Who Read

Carson tells Booklandia why Harry Potter is a great--nay the greatest--series of books ever written. J.K. Rowling’s best-selling series transcends age, and Carson shows how relatable these characters are, even years after they were first created. Are you a Hermione or a Luna?…

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